Couple runs over waitress with car after skipping out on their restaurant bill

KEEGO HARBOR, MI – Michigan authorities are in search of a couple who skipped out on their restaurant bill before allegedly running over their waitress in the process. The horrifying incident took place at El Camino Restaurant, located at 2807 Orchard Lake Road in Keego Harbor.

On Friday, February 16, at approximately 7:40 p.m., a man and woman in their late 50s dined at the restaurant. After disputing the quality of service and food, they departed without settling their complete bill. They then got into a dark-colored, four-door Mercedes sedan, possibly bearing the license plate DY9003.

As the couple was making their getaway, their server ran out to confront them about the bill that they neglected to pay. Instead of giving her the money they owed, the couple reportedly laughed at her.

In response, the waitress stood in front of the vehicle to prevent them from leaving. However, the driver reversed the car and subsequently ran over her legs as the couple drove away in the direction of southwest on Orchard Lake Road.

The injured waitress was rushed to a nearby hospital to receive medical treatment. Keego Harbor Detective Robert Barnes is urging anyone with information to come forward and contact him.