Couple shot in parking lot dispute at Home Depot

BROOKLYN, NY- A couple in Brooklyn, New York, were the victims of a shooting incident that occurred in a Home Depot parking lot on Saturday. Cordel McDuffie, 35, and his girlfriend, Imani Sharpless, 26, were involved in a verbal altercation with an unidentified man over a parking spot, which escalated into violence.

McDuffie recounted the incident, explaining that he had inadvertently blocked the man from backing into a parking space. After a brief exchange of words, McDuffie and Sharpless left the scene. However, the unidentified man later approached their vehicle and opened fire before fleeing.

The New York Police Department confirmed that they received a 911 call about the shooting at Willoughby Avenue and Sanford Street shortly after noon. Upon arrival, officers found McDuffie conscious and alert despite a gunshot wound to his right knee. Sharpless, however, was unconscious and unresponsive due to a gunshot wound to her head.

The victims were rushed to Kings County Hospital. McDuffie is currently in stable condition, while Sharpless remains in critical condition. The police have yet to make any arrests and the investigation is ongoing. The suspect has been described as a male of dark complexion, approximately 5’6″ tall, weighing around 160 pounds, and was last seen wearing a white shirt, red hat, and black jeans.

Witness Stacee Glen, 40, confirmed McDuffie’s account of the incident. She added that she heard McDuffie yell, “I gave him the parking spot” after the shooting. McDuffie, in an emotional state, described Sharpless as a beautiful person who loves children and is full of life.

Sharpless’ cousin, Patrick Sharpless, spoke about her condition, stating that doctors are unable to remove the bullet until the swelling in her brain subsides. He described his cousin as an aspiring model and singer, and expressed his family’s hope and prayers for her recovery.