Couple’s murder-suicide leaves 2 dead, 1 injured

CORAL GABLES, FL – A murder-suicide incident ensued on Thursday morning in an apartment complex located in Coral Gables, as reported by the Miami-Dade police. A 61-year-old man allegedly killed a 41-year-old woman who he was in a relationship with before shooting her 20-year-old son and taking his own life.

Local residents, visibly shocked, expressed their distress over the incident. Lori Perez, a fellow apartment resident, echoed these sentiments. She added that the tragic event was “a sign of the times.”

The tragic event unfolded in the Gables Ponce Apartments located at 320 Granello Avenue, resulting in the temporary lockdown of the neighboring Coral Gables Senior High School. Law enforcement authorities were dispatched to the scene in response to a 911 call placed by the 20-year-old victim.

Upon their arrival, Coral Gables Fire Rescue confirmed the death of both the older man and woman. The reporting 20-year-old victim was subsequently taken to Jackson South Hospital, having suffered gunshot wounds. Currently in stable condition, he is awaiting life-saving surgery.

Further details surrounding the cause of the incident have not been provided. Police might be able to gather more information after interviewing the 20-year-old survivor at the hospital. Apart from this, detectives plan on examining previous call records in an attempt to detect any former reports of conflict in the apartment.

Miami-Dade Police Detective Andre Martin emphasized that the tragedy should serve as a contact point to the public regarding seeking help in volatile domestic situations.