Dad dies in house fire, son arrested

TUJUNGA, CA – An alarming incident unfolded in Tujunga on Monday when a man was found dead following a house fire. Law enforcement officials stated that they had apprehended the deceased man’s son as a person of interest in connection with the case.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a call just after noon regarding a burning house on North Silverton Avenue in the 10200 block. Upon extinguishing the flames within approximately 23 minutes, the victim’s body was discovered in the backyard.

Initial observations suggest that the man was bludgeoned, but it remains undetermined whether this or the fire caused his death. Further examinations, including an autopsy, will be carried out to determine the cause of death. During the preliminary investigation, detectives confirmed signs of foul play and identified what looked like an unoccupied, shallow grave in the backyard.

Eyewitness testimonies allege that the deceased man was murdered by his adult son, who was reportedly behaving erratically and incoherently in the backyard, completely undressed. The son was detained and taken for treatment due to smoke inhalation symptoms.

Neighbors asserted that the son was seen naked on the front porch, screaming unintelligibly before reentering the burning house. They added that the incident resulted from an argument between the father and son, allegedly escalating to violence. Investigators are currently questioning how the fire was ignited and whether this violence led to it.