Dad dies trying to remove snake from childcare center

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – A man tragically passed after an encounter with a deadly serpent led to a heroic attempt to safeguard a family member. Suffering the sting of the lethal Eastern Brown Snake, known as the world’s second most venomous, the incident transpired on Tuesday in Queensland, Australia.

The 47-year-old victim, Jerromy Brookes, was informed about the snake at a nearby childcare facility. Despite not being a professional snake catcher, Brookes undertook the risk of trapping the snake, during which he received three bites on his left arm. Post the ordeal, Brookes managed to take the snake home in Deeragun, Townsville, recounting the incident to his wife before tragically fainting.

His wife reacted immediately, administering rudimentary first aid in the form of a bandage and applying CPR. However, at roughly 3 p.m. emergency services were called to the residence. Despite her spirited attempts, Brookes took a turn for the worse, slipping into cardiac arrest ahead of their arrival at the scene. He was subsequently taken to Townsville University Hospital, where he passed away later that evening.

Officials have advised prudence when dealing with snakes, treating every snake as if it were venomous. They suggest that immediate application of basic first aid, like bandages, and contacting the authorities are paramount upon a snake encounter. Remaining calm, both person bitten and those around them, is vital, shares Paula Marten, Queensland acting director of the Townsville district.

Unfortunately, Brookes is the first Australian fatality because of a snake bite in 2024. This incident only adds to the report of six snakebites in the past 48 hours, as per Queensland Ambulance’s shared information.