Daughter stabs her mother to death at their home

EL MONTE, CA – A grim and shocking incident unfolded in El Monte as a woman is now in custody for allegedly stabbing her own mother to death at their residence. The tragic event occurred on Sunday evening at a home situated on Ranchito Street near Santa Anita Avenue, as reported by the El Monte Police Department.

When they arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers encountered a distressing sight inside the residence. They discovered the lifeless body of a woman in her 40s, bearing multiple stab wounds. Tragically, paramedics pronounced her deceased at the location.

In an unsettling development, there were indications that the victim may have been decapitated. Aerial footage showed detectives examining a head at the scene. Subsequently, officers identified and detained a woman who was found outside the home. She was later placed under arrest and identified as 25-year-old Kimberly M. Gonzalez.

Julio Perez, the victim’s brother, disclosed that his own niece, the suspect, was responsible for the fatal stabbing. However, he was unaware of the circumstances that led to this horrific act. Julio, who resides in the front house, recounted hearing a scream and then witnessing his 11-year-old nephew fleeing the premises, urgently seeking assistance. The young boy’s shirt was stained with blood, indicating that he had witnessed the gruesome scene.

Neighbors revealed that the family had recently celebrated a small child’s birthday over the weekend. A Happy Birthday banner still hung outside the residence, juxtaposed with a chilling trail of bloody footprints leading from beneath the banner down the driveway.

Friends of the suspect suggested that she had struggled with substance abuse issues. The victim, Jacquelin Perez, had been raising her two grandchildren and was characterized by neighbors as a devoted mother to the children.

Authorities have not yet disclosed the events leading up to the violent incident but confirmed the recovery of a weapon at the scene without specifying its nature. The suspect is currently in custody with bail set at $2 million.