Dead body found in trunk on Thanksgiving

CITRUS COUNTY, FL – Law enforcement in Citrus County are knee-deep in a death investigation after a startling discovery. A man’s body was found in a trunk while another man, pinpointed as the suspect, was found shot in the stomach. The series of events unfolded on Thursday during what was originally intended as a welfare check.

Sheriff’s deputies reported to an address on Eden Drive after receiving a distress call. On arrival, they discovered signs of criminal activity and tried to reach out to the homeowner. As per the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, this homeowner is now established as the suspect in this case.

After entering the residence, deputies discovered the suspect in a severely wounded state, presumably from a self-inflicted gunshot to his stomach. The suspect was promptly transferred to a medical facility, with updates on his condition presently pending.

Further examination of the premises led to a more macabre discovery. Inside the trunk of the suspect’s car, stationed on the property, was the body of a dead man, officers report.

Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, accompanied by Crime Scene Technicians, soon converged on the location. Having procured a search warrant, they launched a full-blown investigation, amassing evidence as they proceeded.

As Sheriff Mike Prendergast expressed in an official statement, any loss of life in the community is tragic, more so when families are preparing for the holiday season. He commended the diligence of the Sheriff’s Office staff ensuring public safety around the clock and securing the suspect. The Sheriff concluded that the investigation was ongoing and promised more updates as the case unfolds.

For a thorough investigation, authorities have asked the public to avoid the area near Eden Drive.