Deadly landslide kills 54 people

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The death count from the recent landslide in the southern region of the Philippines has escalated to 54, according to updates provided by the local government. This tragic event occurred near a gold mine in the Davao de Oro province’s Maco town, taking down homes and vehicular transports of Apex Mining’s workers.

Earlier in the week, the landslide happened on Tuesday, killing 37 people as initially reported. The increasing death toll came forth as rescuers unearthed more bodies from the sludge. The update was shared officially by the provincial government through their social media page.

In contrast, the numbers regarding the missing persons remain to be verified, currently standing at 63 people. As per reports, 32 individuals sustained injuries due to the landslide.

Edward Macapili, an official representing Davao de Oro, stated that rescue operations saw the participation of over 300 individuals. However, operations have been hindered by weather conditions, the threat of subsequent landslides, and the challenging terrain.

Although the chances of finding more survivors are diminishing, Macapili emphasized the search will persist. Reflecting on the challenges, he added that the rescue team is exerting its utmost efforts irrespective of the difficulties faced.

Davao de Oro has suffered from intense rainfall in the past weeks, resulting in floods and landslides wreaking havoc across the region.