Disturbing Video Of Homeless People Being Attacked Found On Suspect’s Phone

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‘Extremely Disturbing’ Videos of ‘Brutal’ Attacks on Homeless People Found on Cellular Phones of Murder Suspects: Sheriff – Law & Crime

Several people were arrested after several “extremely disturbing” videos depicting brutal attacks on homeless people in South Carolina were uncovered during a homicide investigation, according to authorities.

Investigators found videos of several assaults that may have been carried out by the suspects in the killing of Joshua Garret. They are asking anyone who may have been a victim to contact the sheriff’s office or Crime Stoppers of Greenville.

Three men, Tristan Ramey, Joshua Shawn Norris and Seth Tyler Norris, are suspected of shooting dead 31-year-old Joshua Matthew Garrett. Their mother, Sunny Sorgee, was charged with accessory after the fact.

A group of men attacked homeless encampments in the San Souci area of Greenville County, Georgia, between October 2021 and June 2022, according to videos culled from the defendants’ cellular phones. The victims were beaten unconscious and were afraid to report the attacks fearing retaliation.

The already-suspected trio of Ramey, Joshua Norris, and Seth Norris are not fully charged in connection with the filmed attacks on the homeless. Joshua Norris has been charged with two counts of criminal conspiracy, assault and battery by a mob in the second degree, and attempted murder.

Seth Tyler Norris, Logan Alexander Holmes, David Allen Norris, Joshua Shawn Norris and Tristan Ramey have all been charged with attempted murder.

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