Dog owner found dead days after robbers broke into his home and stole his labradoodle

A dog owner was tragically found dead in his home after burglars broke in and stole his beloved labradoodle. The victim, Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience, 45, had been lying undiscovered for several days before the police made the grim discovery. Investigators have now charged Ian Gary Connell with murder, and he is scheduled to appear in court today. While the cause of Mr. Patience’s death remains unknown, Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday morning when officers responded to a report of a stolen labradoodle. A man had taken the dog to a nearby grooming business, leading to his arrest and the seizure of the dog. The labradoodle, a sought-after breed with puppies selling for up to £1,500, is now under the care of the relevant authorities. Two other men, aged 27 and 41, have been released on bail as the investigation continues.

In a tragic twist, it was revealed that Mr. Patience had previously been the victim of a break-in just months before his untimely death. Thieves had ransacked his home, stealing several televisions, a child’s bike, and even his brother’s car. In a heartfelt note to his neighbors, Mr. Patience expressed his frustration and sought any information that could help identify the culprits. Unfortunately, no suspects were identified at the time.

Detective Chief Inspector Rachel Smith of GMP’s Major Incident Team believes that Mr. Patience’s death was a targeted attack. She reassured the local community that they were treating the case with utmost seriousness. As the investigation unfolds, the heartbroken family of Mr. Patience remembers him as a much-loved son, brother, and father. His ex-wife, Kirsty, paid tribute to him as an incredible man and a devoted father to their three children.

Anyone with information about the incident or about the victim, Donald Patience, is urged to contact GMP’s Major Incident Team.