Early morning shooting in Michigan leaves five injured, two critical

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a shooting incident in Michigan resulted in five people being wounded, with two of them in critical condition, according to the Lansing Police Department. The incident occurred around 1 a.m., prompting a swift response from law enforcement. The presence of a large crowd at the scene necessitated assistance from neighboring jurisdictions, leading to several individuals being detained. Police also discovered multiple firearms during their investigation.

Responding to reports of a shooting, officers from the Lansing Police Department arrived at the scene to find a chaotic situation. Given the size of the gathering, Lansing Police sought assistance from neighboring jurisdictions. The victims, whose ages ranged from 16 to 26, were quickly transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. Two of the victims that were wouned in the gunfire were listed in critical condition, highlighting the severity of the incident.

During the course of their investigation, law enforcement officers arrested several individuals who were present at the scene. The discovery of multiple firearms further intensified the gravity of the situation. The incident comes just months after a tragic shooting at Michigan State University, located in neighboring East Lansing, where three students lost their lives and five others were injured. The campus was placed on lockdown for four hours as authorities conducted an extensive search for the shooter. The suspect, Anthony McRae, ultimately took his own life when confronted by the police near his residence in Lansing.

Lansing Police Detectives are actively working together with Crime Scene Investigators to piece together the events leading up to the shootings. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities. The motive behind the shooting remains unclear