Ex-College Student Attacks Victim In Potential Hate Crime

Ex-University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing has been charged with a crime. She was captured on viral video while attacking a black student worker and using racist slurs. The woman has been indicted by a grand jury on all six charges.

These charges include assault and felony assault of a police officer. The fight that took place involved 19-year-old Kylah Spring on November 6th. Rosing punched, kicked, and bit Spring while repeatedly calling her the N-word.

The incident was recorded on video and posted online. She continued to exhibit appalling behavior even after the police arrived and put her in handcuffs. Rosing also allegedly kicked and bit the arresting officer.

The racially charged attack shocked the nation, and garnered national attention. The University of Kentucky has permanently banned Rosing from campus following the attack.