Explosion at SWAT training facility leaves 16 injured

IRVINE, CA – An explosion that occurred on Wednesday at an FBI training facility has resulted in at least 16 members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s SWAT team sustaining injuries. The blast was reported around 1 p.m. at the FBI Special Agent Jerry Crowe Regional Tactical Training Facility located in Irvine, California.

Those injured during the unexpected event suffered from a range of non-life-threatening injuries, including wounds to their backs and legs. Someone among the wounded requires surgery, and more than a dozen others have reported experiencing dizziness and hearing a ringing sound. The full extent of the injuries has yet to be determined. However, no deaths have been reported as a consequence of the explosion.

The explosion reportedly originated from a canister during an annual joint training exercise, but the specific cause that led the canister to explode remains undetermined. Nearby, a small building that the explosion also affected was subsequently cordoned off.

Drone footage from the scene captured a robot being used by authorities outside this building, and debris was visible in the vicinity of its entrance.

In response to the incident, immediate aid was administered by two SWAT team members who were also trained as paramedics. The training facility where the explosion took place was formerly part of the El Toro Marine Corps air base.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI will jointly investigate the details and cause of the explosion.