Families start brawling in courtroom after man confesses to killing 16-year-old ex-girlfriend

HOUSTON, TX – Emotions ran high as Frank DeLeon Jr., the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Diamond Alvarez, accepted a plea deal resulting in a 45-year prison sentence for her death. Initially reluctant to take the plea deal, DeLeon had a change of heart upon realizing that the murder trial was imminent unless he accepted the agreement. The tense situation escalated when Anna Machado, Alvarez’s mother, delivered her impact statement during the proceedings.

In a gripping moment, Machado referred to DeLeon as a “monster” and approached him before being restrained by a bailiff. This confrontation triggered a physical altercation between Alvarez’s uncle and DeLeon, followed by a second fight involving the mothers of both the victim and the accused.

Alvarez’s uncle was subsequently taken into custody, and it remains uncertain if he will face charges related to the incident. In the aftermath of the courtroom turmoil, Machado addressed the media, expressing her feelings about DeLeon’s demeanor.

β€œHe’s a monster in my eyes. That would never change. Did he look remorseful at all? No. He was laughing at my face,” Machado said. β€œ(Like) it’s a joke. A life is not a joke. My daughter’s not a joke.” Despite the chaos, Machado later expressed relief and a sense of justice. She conveyed her determination to move forward, focusing on her family and her daughter’s memory. Machado also issued an apology for the courtroom altercation, acknowledging the intensity of emotions involved.

DeLeon is set to return to court on Thursday for formal sentencing, where he will face serving at least half of his 45-year sentence before becoming eligible for parole. The 19-year-old’s sentencing is a result of him shooting his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend a total of 22 times, causing her untimely death.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg characterized the case as a tragic instance of domestic violence and emphasized her office’s commitment to raising awareness about intimate partner violence.

Assistant District Attorneys Steve Walsh and Kim Garcia, who were slated to pick a jury for the trial, noted the importance of avoiding further trauma for Diamond’s family by accepting the plea agreement.