Family of five tortured by robbers during home invasion

HARNETT COUNTY, NC – According to local authorities, a family of five in western Harnett County, North Carolina, experienced a horrifying ordeal this past weekend. The sheriff has termed the ruthless attack on the family, which involved them being robbed and “tortured,” as an act of “pure torture.”

The incident transpired in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, June 15, when five men allegedly forced their way into the family’s home while they were sitting in their garage with the door ajar. The men violently attacked the family and proceeded to rob them.

Sheriff Wayne Coats revealed that the assailants bound the family with duct tape and began to torture them by heating a knife and fork on their stove to sear the family members’ bodies. The men were seemingly attempting to extract information on the location of the family’s money and firearms in the home. However, it has been reported that there were no guns in the house.

Post-assault, the criminals made off with several personal items, leaving devastation in their wake by vandalizing the home and assaulting the children before absconding in two of the family’s vehicles. Reports indicate that the men made their getaway in their own silver/gray Dodge Challenger, as well as in the family’s stolen cars.

The sheriff’s office has confirmed that the family’s gray four-door Honda Accord is currently missing. The Harnett County Sheriff’s Office has yet to provide more information surrounding the ongoing investigation.

Since the traumatic incident, a GoFundMe campaign set up by Mayra Morales-Scott, the sister of one of the victims, has amassed over $13,000, nearing the $15,000 goal. The objective of the campaign is to cover health care expenditures, replace stolen possessions, and provide additional assistance for the family as they navigate the aftermath of the ordeal.