Family shooting rampage ends with 3 people dead

JAMESTOWN, KY – A series of shocking crimes took place in Jamestown, Kentucky, where a woman is accused of killing her husband and sister, followed by her brother ending her life in a shootout, according to Kentucky State Police.

The police reported that 56-year-old Angela Gosser arrived at her brother’s house on May 3 with a firearm and forced entry. Her brother, Darryl Wilson, was present at the houseand he, too, was armed. The siblings’ encounter escalated into a shootout that resulted in Gosser’s death. Wilson sustained severe injuries in the gunfire, requiring immediate hospitalization.

The full extent of Gosser’s violent actions was later discovered when the police were summoned for a welfare check at the residence of Jennifer Wilson, Gosser’s sister. Family members, having lost contact with her, were growing concerned. At the Russell County property, they found a gruesome scenario: Jennifer Wilson was dead in her car’s driver seat, with serious gunshot wounds to the head. Police suspect Gosser ambushed Jennifer, firing multiple shots from the car’s passenger side before leaving her fatally injured.

Later that evening, another shocking discovery was made: Angela Gosser’s husband, Larry Gosser, was found deceased with gunshot wounds. Larry, a retired Sergeant from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, was reportedly shot while working on a tree on his property in western Pulaski County. The local sheriff confirmed these details but informed that investigations were ongoing to decipher the entirety of these disturbing events.

Larry Gosser’s biography reveals his passion for fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities. Above all, he cherished the time spent with his family and friends.

The motive behind Angela Gosser’s violent spree remains unknown as police continue to investigate the series of crimes.