Famous Actors Finally Released From Binding NDA Contracts

Broadway Actors, Stage Managers in Multiple Scott Rudin Shows Released From NDAs – Hollywood Reporter

Members of several Broadway productions have been released from nondisclosure agreements with producer Scott Rudin. The release is effective immediately.

The national union representing actors and stage managers in live theater had called for those working on Rudin-produced shows to be released from their nondisclosure agreements. The union had also filed two unfair labor practice grievances against Rudin.

This request was made after reports of bullying and abusive workplace behavior surfaced last year. These reports were silenced by the nondisclosure agreements that victims signed in order to work with the producer.

The Hollywood Reporter’s April 2021 investigation presented multiple detailed accounts from Rudin’s former assistants and employees, who leveled numerous allegations of misconduct and abuse. Frances McDormand and Joel Coen denied seeing misbehavior.

The Actor’s Equity Association withdrew its complaint against four productions, and the actors and stage managers were released from any nondisclosure agreements. Actors and stage managers will no longer be required to sign nondisclosure agreements to work on shows connected to producer Scott Rudin.

The Broadway League agrees to use non-disclosure language in contracts or riders in limited, approved circumstances and not to silence actors and stage managers who want to speak out against workplace harassment, bullying or discrimination.

As new shows develop, NDAs are necessary to protect them, but they may not be used to protect people from their own bad behavior.

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