Firefighters find woman burned alive on the side of the road

AUSTIN, TX – Local authorities are intensifying their investigation into the mysterious death of a woman whose charred remains were discovered by the roadside in a posh Austin neighborhood. The victim, identified as 33-year-old Melissa Davis, was found by firefighters responding to a fire report on the morning of September 29.

Upon arriving at the scene, investigators found a lighter nearby. A police dog was brought in and led officers to a butcher knife that smelled of lighter fluid. Austin police surmise that the knife was placed with Davis in an attempt to obliterate any evidence through the fire.

However, the autopsy report revealed that Davis did not have any apparent physical injuries or knife-inflicted wounds. The report concluded that she was set on fire while still alive. With limited leads to follow, the police have issued a search notice for Davis’ missing vehicle, a blue 2016 Toyota 4Runner with Texas license plate KYV3765.

While no suspects have been apprehended yet, Davis’ friends and family remain hopeful that justice will be served. Davis vanished after visiting a local Apple store for a phone repair. Ellie Simmons, a close friend of Davis, described her as a “soul sister” and a free spirit who loved to travel.

Simmons shared that they had plans with another friend to open a hostel in Costa Rica, complete with an art station, as Davis was an art enthusiast. Another friend, David Haisman, expressed his disbelief over Davis’ death, recalling a painting of a bird flying towards the sun that she had given him before her demise.

The Austin Police Department has not released any comments on the case, but confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing. A $1,000 reward is being offered to anyone who is able to provide information leading to an arrest.