Five-year-old dies after getting strangled by swingset

FORT COLLINS, CO – A devastating accident claimed the life of 5-year-old Aurora Masters last week in Colorado, according to reports. Aurora was playing with a swing in the yard of her Fort Collins residence when she was strangled.

Describing the horrifying incident, Brenda Kennedy, Aurora’s great-aunt, revealed that the little girl shifted her plastic slide towards her swing and got tangled up in the rope, thus suffering a fatal injury.

Aurora was promptly transported to the hospital. While she was there, she spent several days in a critical state in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). However, due to the substantial brain damage caused by insufficient oxygen– confirmed by an MRI scan– her family had to make the heartrending decision to withdraw life-support.

Desperate efforts to keep the child alive for two more days to preserve her organs were undertaken, with the intention of donating them to other needy children. Aurora, fondly dubbed as the family’s ‘ray of sunshine’, succumbed to her injuries on Monday. Her untimely death incidentally took place when the northern lights had been illuminating the skies across the country.

The Fort Collins Police Department has put a halt to the investigation of Aurora’s death. They’ve classified the incident as a tragic accident.