Florida man allegedly gets his mom’s help to murder the mother of his child

A Florida man stands accused of shooting and killing the mother of his child, with the shocking revelation that his own mother allegedly aided him in the crime. Sheila Agee, the mother of the suspect, is now in custody and facing murder charges. The incident has left the community in shock and mourning the loss of 18-year-old Brooklyn Sims, who was tragically taken away from her 2-year-old daughter.

According to authorities, 20-year-old Keith Agee received assistance from his mother, Sheila Agee, related to the murder of Brooklyn Sims. Text messages exchanged between the two suggest that Sheila not only encouraged her son to commit the crime but also discussed deleting evidence of their conversation.

On the day of the incident, Keith Agee reportedly drove to a Home Depot in Florida, where Sims worked as a contract employee. Witnesses claim that Agee approached Sims in aisle 52 and exchanged words with her before opening fire, fatally shooting her five times. Two other employees suffered minor injuries while trying to escape the scene. Agee was apprehended at a nearby restaurant shortly after the incident.

Friends and family of Brooklyn Sims describe a tumultuous relationship between her and Keith Agee. Recent attempts at co-parenting their daughter seemed to be the main focus for Sims. The tragic loss has left loved ones devastated as they mourn the missed opportunity for the young girl to know her mother. In the wake of this senseless tragedy, Xia Xang Parnell, one of the survivors, has organized a GoFundMe campaign to support Brooklyn Sims’ family.

Keith Agee’s violent tendencies were not isolated incidents. Two women had previously filed petitions for protection from abuse orders against him, citing threats, property damage, and physical assault. Despite these alarming reports, Agee’s previous cases were dropped.