Florida teen arrested for stabbing mother over dog’s health problems

An 18-year-old man from Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, was arrested for stabbing his mother after an argument over his life and their dog’s health problems. According to the arrest affidavit, Charles C. Soutier admitted to premeditating the act. The police responded to the incident on Thursday morning after the woman reported that her son had stabbed her. The defendant was found approximately 50 yards south of the scene and was handcuffed by the officer.

Soutier told the police that he and his mother had an argument over their dog defecating on pee pads in the apartment. During the argument, his mother told him to get his life together, which angered him to the point of wanting to stab her. He admitted to picking out the smallest knife from the knife block and placing it in the ninth knife block spot so he knew where it was.

After the argument, they went out to dinner, and Soutier believed everyone was in a good mood. However, the following morning, they got into another argument in the kitchen, and he stabbed his mother in the left shoulder.

The woman threw a gallon of milk to the floor, screamed, and walked to the stairs. Soutier followed her while still armed with the knife, making profane threats against her life. The mother reached upstairs, where her other son applied a tourniquet to her arm. Soutier’s brother then walked downstairs and asked him what he was doing, and he put the knife on the counter and walked outside.

The mother had three puncture wounds. She had one wound near the base of the back of her neck, and an approximately 1-inch deep puncture wound to her left shoulder. She also suffered from two-inch deep puncture wound to her left arm.

Soutier was charged with attempted felony murder and is held without bond in a Volusia County jail. During his first appearance, he had no attorney of record.