Fourteen people killed in apartment fire

HANOI, VIETNAM – A devastating overnight fire in an apartment building took fourteen lives and injured six individuals in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Accessibility issues due to the building’s narrow entrance, a mere 6.5 feet wide, posed significant complications for emergency responders. This prevented firetrucks from reaching the building, forcing firefighters to douse the flames with hoses.

The catastrophic event started around midnight, causing several explosions before finally being quelled after an hour. Witnessing the chaos was Nguyen Thanh Trung, a neighboring resident. Awoken by the noise, he quickly responded by rushing out to understand the situation. The powerful shock was felt even in his home. Along with others, Nguyen managed to break the windows using a ladder, creating an escape route for people trapped inside.

The house was accommodated by 24 residents when the unfortunate event occurred- seven were from the owner’s family and the other 17 were tenants. Those injured are now in a stable condition, receiving medical attention at Hanoi Transport Hospital.

Authorities later revealed the origin of the catastrophic fire. The small courtyard in front of the building, used as a garage for electric bike sale and repairs, was the initial point where the fire broke out. Nguyen noted that the family generally charged the bike batteries overnight. What remained of the incident were the charred remnants of burnt motorbikes, plants, and scattered personal belongings at the apartment.

Affected families are due to receive $1,962 for every death, and the injured will be compensated with $1,177. This tragic incident bears a chilling resemblance to a deadly blaze that claimed over 50 lives in Hanoi last year.