Freak accident at the pool leaves 13-year-old paralyzed

FRISCO, TX – Tragedy struck a 13-year-old Texan boy, Semyon Williams Jr., affectionately called SJ, when he was paralyzed after fracturing his spine in an accident prompted by a wasp encounter. The horrifying incident occurred at a community pool in Frisco’s Old Orchard Park, where SJ was swimming with a friend and made an evasive dive into the pool’s shallow end after seeing the insect. The resulting impact led to SJ’s critical injury.

According to his mother, Anya Camper, SJ floated motionless-faced down in the water after his leap, leaving his friend initially believing it to be a prank. After rushing SJ to Children’s Health Hospital in Dallas, doctors performed emergency surgery.

SJ sustained a severe spinal cord injury, fracturing two vertebrae and parts flanking his spinal canal, which contains the spinal cord, according to Pediatric Neurosurgeon Bruno Braga at Children’s Hospital.

Unfortunately, given the absence of any motor or sensory function below SJ’s injury, the prognosis isn’t promising, but it remains too soon for an absolute prediction.

Anya Camper candidly expressed her despair about her son’s potential quadriplegia during an emotional conversation, stating that she is praying for a ‘miracle.’ Stricken but hopeful, Camper and her family are taking each day as it comes, holding steadfast to their faith for a miraculous recovery.

A relative, Lewis Camper, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign in order to help cover the family’s medical expenses. The effort has raised in excess of $32,000, well on its way to the set goal of $100,000.