Gas station clerk shot and killed during robbery

HOUSTON, TX – Houston police are searching for three suspects involved in an attempted robbery that led to the death of a convenience store clerk on the Gulf Freeway near Monroe Road. Officials reported that the fatal incident occurred around 12:34 a.m. on Wednesday.

As per the details provided by the police, one suspect acted as a customer to gain entry while the other two charged into the store, one of whom discharged rounds from a firearm. The clerk, armed with a gun himself, was unable to retaliate and was declared dead at the scene.

After the shooting took place, the suspects fled the scene in their vehicle. According to the report, no customers were present inside the store at the time of the incident. Investigators are still determining if the suspects managed to steal any items from the establishment.

Interestingly, this is the same gas station convenience store where a tragic incident unfolded in October 2023, resulting in the death of Roberto Almaguer Garza, a 29-year-old taco truck owner. Two men tried to rob Garza and his staff, resulting in his untimely demise.

One of the murderers, 21-year-old Jimmie Wayne Daniels, who was already pursuing four other violent robberies, was arrested and charged with capital murder alongside the other suspect who was only 17 then.

The city police also shed light on a Christmas Eve event occurring in proximity at the same intersection, wherein one individual was killed, and three others were gunned down at a club. The status of arrests in that case is still unknown.