Georgia substitute teacher mistakenly dragged by officer during student brawl

A shocking incident at Eagle’s Landing High School in Henry County, Georgia, has sparked an investigation after a substitute teacher was forcibly dragged away by a school resource officer during a brawl between two students.

The 22-year-old teacher, Nia King, attempted to intervene and dissuade the students from fighting but retreated when the altercation escalated.

King recounted how she was caught in the middle of the fight when the school resource officer grabbed her by the neck and dragged her across the hallway to the officer’s office. Video footage taken by other students captured the incident, showing the officer forcefully removing King from the scene.

Once in the officer’s office, King stated that the officer offered her medical assistance and water but did not provide an explanation for her aggressive actions. When King confronted the officer about the incident, the officer claimed she was attempting to save King because she had been hit during the brawl.

King mentioned that she had been mistaken for a student in the past, but she had met the school resource officer on multiple occasions prior to the event. Henry County Police Capt. Randy Lee stated that the incident is under investigation and clarified that the police department does not teach chokeholds or neck restraints in their training.

The police chief, Mark Amerman, informed the local news outlet that the officer involved did not wish to speak with reporters about the incident. The school district issued a statement, acknowledging the ongoing investigation and declining to provide further information at this time.