Grandpa brutally beaten to death outside apartment

ARLINGTON, TX – Authorities are investigating the violent death of a 51-year-old grandfather, Frank James Kwasnica III from Grand Prairie, who was brutally beaten in an Arlington apartment complex parking lot. Arlington Police reported that a group of three assailants attacked Kwasnica, whose injuries were so severe that confirming his identity took several days.

Kwasnica, who worked at Sam’s Club in Grand Prairie, was to celebrate his 52nd birthday on Wednesday, the day many of his colleagues visited with gifts. His violent death has left his family, friends, and co-workers in utter shock and disbelief.

Tim Ciesco, Arlington Police spokesperson, said, “These were people who intended to kill this man and inflict a tremendous amount of harm to this man and we’re still trying to figure out why.” Investigators are currently attempting to piece together the circumstances that led to this tragic and brutal incident.

The assault took place on January 19, at about 12:30 a.m., at the Waterdance Apartments off Pioneer Parkway. According to the victim’s family, he had just dropped off a colleague at the apartments, something he often did. The police haven’t confirmed this but said two vehicles pulled up next to him in the parking lot shortly afterward. Three people got out of these vehicles, began yelling at Kwasnica, chased him, and allegedly beat him with large objects.

Kwasnica’s Ford Mustang was reportedly missing from the crime scene and was later discovered at a different location with potential evidence linked to the crime. Despite this, detectives do not believe this assault was a road rage incident, and are also uncertain if it was a robbery.

Authorities are requesting anyone with information related to the incident to either contact Detective Robinson or Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County.