Grandpa shot in the face in Walmart parking lot

HIGHLAND, CA – In a tragic incident of road rage, a 57-year-old grandfather was shot dead after a minor traffic accident near a Walmart on the Highland-San Bernardino border. Jonathan Mauk was attempting to apologize for the fender bender when he was fatally shot, leaving his family and community stunned and calling for justice.

The incident occurred on Monday as Mauk was maneuvering his Chevrolet Camaro through the Walmart parking lot on a routine errand run. He unintentionally bumped into another vehicle that was reversing out of a parking space. Witness accounts suggest he immediately exited his car to apologize and take responsibility for the event.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the driver of the other vehicle, an unidentified woman, allegedly retaliated by shooting Mauk in the face. Following the shooting, the woman quickly vacated the scene.

Police arrested the woman the following day, charging her with murder. While the official investigation is ongoing, the woman pleaded not guilty at the time of her initial court appearance. She is expected to return to court later this week.

As they await the justice process, Mauk’s family is remembering him as an incredible person who deeply loved his three children and two grandchildren. Matthew Mauk, the victim’s son, shared that his father’s passion for cars and his helpful nature had made him an integral part of the community.

Community support has poured in for the grieving family, for which Matthew expressed deep gratitude. He added, “There needs to be justice. They need to make sure she pays for what she’s done.”