Heroic Metro employee fatally shot while trying to disarm gunman at work

A 64-year-old Metro transit employee died while trying to stop a gunman in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. His actions will be remembered as “heroic.”

Metro has lowered its flags to half-mast in honor of the deceased employee.

At a press conference, Executive Assistant Chief of Police Ashan M. Benedict reported that an altercation occurred aboard a Metrobus near 14th Street and Potomac shortly after 9 a.m. This fight was what ultimately led to Cunningham’s death.

Isaiah Trotman, a 31-year-old from Southeast D.C., was brandishing a gun on a bus when he confronted some passengers. He then followed one of the passengers off the bus and shot them in the leg.

According to the police, the shooter descended the escalator at Potomac Avenue Metro station and made their way to the station platform. There, they approached an individual who was in the process of purchasing a Metro card.

Officer Benedict stated that the gunman opened fire on the person and tried to carry them over the fare gate turnstile, however the victim managed to escape.

After this, Trotman reportedly attacked a female victim. At this point, Metro worker Cunningham attempted to intervene. However, he was fatally shot by the perpetrator during the confrontation.

Trotman attempted to board a Metro train, but was allegedly confronted by the passengers and had his weapon taken away. After leaving the train car, he was apprehended by police officers, who found his weapon on the train tracks, according to Benedict.