High school cheerleader mysteriously found dead in apartment

EDNA, TX – A small town in Texas is rattled as investigators race to unravel the mysterious death of a 16-year-old cheerleader. Lizbeth Medina was found dead in her family’s apartment, with her mother making the horrifying discovery.

Lizbeth was supposed to participate in a Christmas parade as part of her cheer squad but never showed up. Her mother, Jacquelin Medina, unaware of any trouble, found her deceased daughter later that day. The mom described the incident as “the most horrible way a mother could find her child. She was murdered in cold blood.”

Law enforcement, including the Edna Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, and Texas Ranger Division, is treating Lizbeth’s case as a capital murder investigation. While first responders tried to revive the teenager upon their arrival, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Details regarding the nature of Lizbeth’s death have so far remained undisclosed. No information about potential suspects or any arrests related to the case has been released.

Lizbeth, a junior at Edna High School, was known to her loved ones as a lively and ambitious girl. She held future plans of attending Arlington University to study nursing. Now, an entire community is left grieving the abrupt end of an evidently promising young life.

Expressions of love and grief have flooded in from Edna’s tight-knit community. Friends and neighbors have offered earnest tributes and condolences, such as turning their social media profile pictures into purple ribbons, a symbol associated with Lizbeth.

Lizbeth’s memory will also be honored during a football game on Thursday night, with the Edna football team and community donning purple shirts and ribbons. Moreover, a vigil is scheduled for Lizbeth on Saturday, and fundraising shirts have been made in her honor to support funeral expenses.

A capital murder charge in Texas can result in capital felony penalties, including life imprisonment, life imprisonment without parole, or even the death penalty.