High school student dies after collapsing at graduation

HIRAM, GA – The mother of Sienna Stewart, an 18-year-old student from Hiram High School in Georgia, who died weeks after her graduation, has shared her daughter’s extraordinary story of determination and resilience. Sienna, who had seriously compromised cardiac health, had collapsed unexpectedly during her graduation ceremony. However, her unwavering willpower led her to persist and complete her graduation walk, according to her mother, Saevon Chum.

An alarming moment is vividly recorded in the graduation ceremony video, where Sienna lost consciousness and caused a temporary halt in the proceedings. Chum found her daughter unconscious, with paramedics already in attendance by the time she reached the scene.

After regaining consciousness, Sienna begged her mother to let her fulfill her dream of graduating despite the medical advice of immediate hospitalization.

At the young age of four, Sienna was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy and underwent a heart transplant when she was only eight years old. This procedure allowed Sienna to lead a somewhat typical life until earlier this year when her transplanted heart started to fail.

Sienna’s determination enabled her to complete her graduation walk unaided. According to Chum, Sienna demonstrated immense strength and resilience throughout her ordeal. Unfortunately, Sienna collapsed again a couple of weeks after graduation and passed away in the hospital on June 12.

In spite of her loss, Chum takes pride in Sienna’s defiant spirit as she fought her declining health. The family intends to hold Sienna‚Äôs funeral this Sunday.