Human remains found after Lyft driver goes missing

The relatives of a Lyft driver who has gone missing are anxiously awaiting news after Florida police declared that human remains had been identified close to the area where the 74-year-old was last observed.

The family of Gary Levin are awaiting confirmation that the remains are his and are requesting privacy while they wait.

On February 4th, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement uncovered the body of an adult male during their investigation in Okeechobee County. This discovery was made only five days after the man’s daughter reported that his phone last sent a signal from the region.

As of February 7th, the identity of the remains has not yet been confirmed. Officials are still awaiting the results of an autopsy, according to a press release from the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office.

The daughter of the missing rideshare driver stated that Levin had not been in contact since the afternoon of January 30th, at which time he was providing Lyft services in the Palm Beach Gardens region. His mobile phone was switched off, which was abnormal behavior for him, according to his daughter Lindsay DiBetta.

The Associated Press reported that officials had seen his red 2022 Kia Stinger in Miami on that same day, followed by a sighting in a rural area of Okeechobee County. The vehicle was also reportedly seen in northern Florida.