Killer dressed up as UPS driver before murdering three people in home robbery

COON RAPIDS, MN – In a shocking crime in suburban Minneapolis, a man posing as a package delivery driver entered a home, made robbery demands, and then fatally shot three individuals in the presence of two children under five years old. Alonzo Pierre Mingo, the 37-year-old suspect, was arrested and promptly charged with three counts of second-degree murder.

Authorities arrived at a Coon Rapids home on Friday, responding to an emergency call. They discovered the bodies of two dead men and a woman, each with gunshot wounds to the head. Surveillance footage from the scene showed three individuals arriving in Mingo’s car, two of whom were dressed as delivery drivers, with one holding a cardboard box. In the footage, Mingo, wearing a UPS-style uniform, can be seen forcing a man at gunpoint into a bedroom occupied by a woman and two young children.

A more disturbing sequence follows in the video with Mingo appearing to lead the group out of the room and returning with the woman. He then shoots her at point-blank range. The horrifying scenes continued with one of the children entering the room post-shooting, crying hysterically.

The victims have been identified as Shannon Patricia Jungwirth, 42, her son, Jorge Alexander Reyes-Jungwirth, 20, and her husband, Mario Alberto Trejo Estrada, 39. They were all residents of Coon Rapids. Several hours after the crime, police arrested Mingo, a resident of Fridley, less than 10 miles from Coon Rapids, driving the same vehicle spotted in the home surveillance.

The charges against the other two individuals, apparent accomplices of Mingo, have not been mentioned. Authorities found a UPS delivery uniform top and vest in Mingo’s vehicle along with a cardboard box with his fingerprints. Mingo was a seasonal employee at UPS until mid-January.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence exceeding the guidelines due to the aggravating factors in the case, including the cruelty to the victims and the presence of young children during the horrific incident.