Man arrested for Walmart murder

COLUMBIA, MO – A 25-year-old man, Isaac E. Hollis, has been arrested and criminally charged following a deadly altercation at a Walmart store in Columbia. Hollis was detained without bail at Boone County Jail as of Tuesday, with a court appearance pending further arrangements.

The news of Hollis’s arrest came after a fatal shooting took place outside a Walmart on Conley Road. The unnamed victim was given immediate first aid on-site before being rushed to University Hospital. However, they ultimately succumbed to their injuries.

Witness statements, paraphrased in an extensively edited probable cause report, outlined the escalation of the deadly confrontation. One bystander described seeing the victim retreating from Hollis just before the shooting. Other reports suggested that an argument had unfolded between Hollis and the victim before the incident. Two individuals recall the victim attempting to flee and not wielding a weapon of their own. Multiple casings were later found at the crime scene, marked by 17 evidence identifiers.

Security footage from the Walmart store reportedly confirmed and expanded on these witness accounts. It showed Hollis arriving at the store in a silver/gray vehicle and two others parking a Ryder box truck nearby. Further footage displayed Hollis and the victim engaging in a heated exchange before Hollis fired shots at the victim’s back as they headed to their car. Hollis is then allegedly seen returning to his vehicle and discharging further rounds as the victim tried to escape.

Court documents state that when questioned, Hollis reportedly denied seeing the victim carrying a weapon and deemed the shooting “unjustified.”