Man gunned down in bakery parking lot

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – Saturday morning in Lawrenceville took a grim turn as a man was fatally shot in a bakery parking lot. The man’s untimely death was announced by local law enforcement. The unfortunate incident unfolded early morning, before 7 a.m., in the parking area of Fezjic Euro Bakery.

Upon arrival, Lawrenceville Police Department officers discovered a 37-year-old man, declared dead at the scene. Locals in the neighborhood were left rattled by the shocking news of the murder. One regular visitor to the site expressed his disbelief, noting the unusual occurrence in the otherwise peaceful area.

While the authorities are yet to reveal the identity of the victim, a store clerk from the adjacent Chevron station recalls the heart-wrenching moment when the victim’s mother sought his assistance to call 911. The shocking event has significantly disturbed the close-knit community, including Thompson.

The bakery, a family-operated establishment, has been part of the community for at least 20 years and is highly regarded for its gracious owners.

As the investigations continue, police are urging anyone with relevant information to reach out. Contact can be made directly to Detective Sampson of Lawrenceville Police via email or phone. The option to submit information anonymously is available as well through a call to Crime Stoppers or via their website.