Man killed by dogs while petsitting

A tragic incident unfolded in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, when a man was fatally attacked by a pack of dogs he had been watching for a family member. The attack took place on Thursday afternoon in the backyard of a residence.

Police were alerted to the situation by a neighbor who reported that multiple dogs were attacking someone in the yard, and that the victim was desperately calling for help. Upon arrival, responding officers found four dogs, identified as American pit bull terriers, assaulting the man.

In an effort to rescue the victim, officers deployed a less-lethal round, successfully striking at least one of the dogs and forcing all of them back inside the house. The officers then secured a garage door and began providing aid to the severely injured man. According to the Brooklyn Center Police Department, the victim’s clothes were mostly torn off, and he had sustained extensive bite wounds over a majority of his body.

Emergency medical personnel intubated the victim on site before transporting him to a nearby hospital for surgery. Despite their efforts, the man succumbed to his injuries and passed away late Thursday evening.

Although the victim was not the owner of the dogs, he had been taking care of them at his home on behalf of a family member. Following the attack, the dogs were quarantined, and a dangerous dog evaluation is pending.

The incident is still under investigation.