Man mauled to death trying to protect his pet from his neighbor’s blood-thirsty dogs

On Wednesday, a 30-year-old man from Texas tragically passed away while attempting to save his dog from an attack caused by his neighbor’s dogs.

According to Lt. Larry Crowson of the Houston Police Department, the man was inside his Houston residence when he heard a disturbance in the backyard. He jumped to action after he saw his pup being mauled by two or three dogs owned by a nearby neighbor.

When police came to the scene, they observed the man also being attacked by the blood-thirsty canines in the yard. One of the dogs then attempted to assault an officer, prompting the officer to shoot the dog.

The man, who was trying to protect his four-legged friend, tragically passed away at the site of the attack. His identity has not been revealed to the public.

The severity of the damage to the victim’s pet is uncertain, and the breeds of the dogs that attacked the animal remain unidentified.

News 4 San Antonio reported that the dogs were brought to the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter. One of them was shot and suffering from severe injuries. As a result, a decision was made to euthanize the wounded canine on Wednesday.

At present, there are no filed charges. However, the investigation of the incident is still in progress.