Man shot to death by neighbor during mental health crisis

LAS VEGAS, NV – The shooting tragedy last week claimed the life of a Summerlin resident, identified as Joe Moreno, who was reportedly in the throes of a mental health crisis, his grieving family proclaims.

A beloved figure in his family and community, Moreno was a 47-year-old sports enthusiast and father of two. His family members indicate his long-term struggle with bipolar disorder, which he was diagnosed with at the age of 25. Moreno had been facing deteriorating mental health conditions over the past half a year, as confirmed by his mother, Connie Moreno.

Despite following a treatment plan to manage his bipolar disorder, Joe’s family suggests he had deviated from it days before the fatal incident. His stimulating lifestyle gave way to fatigue induced by his medications, compelling him to ignore them once he felt healthier, explains Lisa. The fallout of such episodes often culminated in erratic behavior, adds Connie.

Joe had relocated to Summerlin recently with his partner. On the fatal day, she had locked him out of their home because of his disturbed state. Their children, aged 8 and 10, do not reside in Las Vegas and were informed of their father’s demise approximately a week after the shooting.

Eddi Moreno, 32, who holds no family ties with Joe save for their shared dwellings in Summerlin, is the prime suspect in the murder. A 911 call held by Eddi’s wife exhibits a complaint about Joe behaving indecently outside their home, triggering Eddi into action. Discrepancies arise as police records reveal that Eddi’s account of the incident doesn’t match his wife’s, as he claimed no recollection of the inappropriate behavior put forth by Joe.

Eddi, however, did threaten Joe with his life moments before the gunfire, as recorded by a doorbell camera. Known to law enforcement for three separate assault charges from 2024, Eddi is currently facing an open murder charge and was released on bail last week.

Connie expresses anger and pain at what she perceives as the justice system’s failure towards her son, while Lisa hopes for a thorough examination of Eddi’s violent past. The Morenos have launched a GoFundMe campaign to fulfill Joe’s funeral expenses in their dire financial conditions.