Man stabs his wife and dog before being shot by police

HERNDON, VA – A woman and her dog were critically injured in a domestic violence incident that took place in Northern Virginia over the weekend, according to the Herndon police. The attacker, identified as the woman’s husband, was wounded when the police responded to a distress call from the woman involved in the incident.

The woman reached out to the police on Sunday, implying that she had been attacked by her husband before ending her phone call abruptly. Police officers reported to the couple’s place at 1st Place, where they encountered a man brandishing a knife at the front door. An officer shot the man in the upper body in self-defense. The woman and the wounded dog were found inside the apartment. All of them were reportedly stabbed in the chest.

Immediate medical attention was sought for the injured parties. The man and woman were rushed to the hospital, while the wounded dog was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic.

According to a Herndon police representative, the woman’s condition is currently stable. The dog underwent successful surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect, still in intensive care, has not been publicly identified due to his medical condition.

Local resident Linda Soller, who lives nearby, mentioned hearing sirens after her return from church. She witnessed the dog’s extraction from the home by first responders.

The house, owned by the victim’s father, was home to the couple, who lived in the basement. At the time of the incident, the woman’s father was not present.

The local police, in collaboration with the Critical Incident Response Team, have launched an investigation. The latter is a regional task force specializing in the examination of police shootings. Recordings from body cameras worn by the officers on the scene have been confirmed by a police spokesperson.

Prior to this incident, the police reported no domestic violence calls linked to the residence.