Man tries murdering his coworker with a hammer in brutal attack

A 27-year-old man from Indiana has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his coworker with a hammer at a sheet metal company, resulting in severe head injuries. The suspect, Austin Hahn, was apprehended after his mother turned him in to the authorities. He now faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, and battery by means of a deadly weapon. The incident occurred at the Bright Sheet Metal Company in Indianapolis, prompting a swift response from the police.

According to the arrest report, officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrived at the scene on August 20 following a report of a possible battery. Upon arrival, they discovered a man with injuries to his head and face. The victim was immediately transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital, where medical professionals treated him for multiple skull fractures, brain bleeds, a punctured jaw, and missing teeth. Although his condition was serious, he was deemed stable upon admission.

During an interview with the police, the victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, revealed that he was working at his station when he was unexpectedly struck from behind, rendering him unconscious. While he couldn’t identify his attacker, he believed that his colleagues would have witnessed the assault. Other employees present at the time corroborated the victim’s account, stating that Hahn approached him unprovoked and began striking him with a hammer. Witnesses confirmed that Hahn used a tinner hammer during the attack.

According to several coworkers, Hahn and the victim had been close friends until a recent argument strained their relationship. However, Hahn had apparently apologized to the victim after the disagreement, leading everyone to believe that things had been resolved. Unfortunately, Hahn’s actions on that fateful day proved otherwise. Witnesses recounted that Hahn repeatedly struck the victim in the head with the pointed end of the tinner hammer, delivering approximately six or seven blows. After the assault, Hahn calmly discarded the hammer in the trash and left the warehouse.

As Hahn made his way to his car, he encountered a coworker who was unaware of the situation. Hahn casually disposed of the hammer and briefly paused to pat the coworker on the chest and make a calloused remark. He then drove to his mother’s house, where she promptly contacted the Anderson Police Department, leading to his arrest.

Hahn is currently being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court on October 19.