Man With Crossbow Arrested At Windsor Castle After Admitting ‘I’m Here to Kill the Queen’

Windsor Castle intruder admitted he was there ‘to kill the Queen’ – New York Post

Jaswant Singh Chail, 20, recorded a video just before he entered the castle grounds – and said he would attempt to assassinate Elizabeth, queen of the royal family.

He told security “I am here to kill the queen” and said he was taking revenge for a historical grievance.Chail said he was taking revenge for the 1919 massacre of Sikhs in Amritsar.

Chail got to the private quarters of the castle where the Queen was celebrating with her eldest son, Prince Charles, before he was spotted by a royal protection officer. He was carrying a Supersonic X-bow, a gas mask, and rope.

Chail is charged with threats to kill and possession of an offensive weapon. He was ordered detained until his next court appearance on Sept. 14.

This is not the first incident of Chail attempting to violently attack the monarchy. He was arrested at the royal residence west of London on Christmas Day 2021, and told a police officer he was here to kill the queen. He was carrying a loaded crossbow with the safety catch off, prosecutors allege.

Chail had previously applied to join the Ministry of Defence Police and the Grenadier Guards, and had sent a video claiming he was going to attempt to assassinate the Queen.

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