Mass shooting at Michigan State University leaves 3 students dead

Michigan State University (MSU) was rocked by a deadly shooting on Monday evening, leaving three students dead and five others injured.

According to authorities, the incident began at around 8:20 pm in Berkey Hall on the MSU campus. Police received multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired inside the building.

Responding officers located several victims at the scene, and the incident later moved to another building nearby. The suspect, who was not affiliated with the university, died of an apparent self-inflicted gun wound.

Students who were on campus at the time of the shooting shared their harrowing experiences. Clare Papoulias, a sophomore at MSU, was in a classroom when the shooter entered and began firing. Papoulias and her classmates dropped to the floor and later escaped through a window.

Dominik Molotky, a senior at MSU, was sitting near the door when the first gunshot was fired. He and his classmates eventually escaped through a broken window.

At a Tuesday morning news conference, doctors announced that all five injured students remain in intensive care. Police have identified the suspect as a 43-year-old male.

MSU and the surrounding community are in mourning following this tragic event.