Mass shooting in Texas

A horrifying series of execution-style shootings in a Texas home has left five people dead, including an 8-year-old boy. The suspect, 39-year-old Francisco Oropeza, is currently the subject of a manhunt. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Oropeza with a $5 million bond, believing he is within a two-mile radius of the crime scene.

The incident occurred in Cleveland, Texas, approximately 55 miles north of Houston. Local police received a call about harassment at 11:31 p.m. on Friday. Upon arrival, authorities discovered several shooting victims on the property, with three female and two male casualties.

Two of the female victims were found in a bedroom, attempting to protect two surviving children. Three uninjured minors were also discovered at the scene, covered in blood, and subsequently transported to a local hospital.

According to the police, the massacre ensued after neighbors asked Oropeza to cease firing his gun in his front yard, as a baby was trying to sleep. Authorities believe Oropeza had been drinking that night and subsequently became belligerent, leading to the tragic shootings.

Investigators have described Oropeza as a Hispanic male, 5 feet 8 inches tall, last seen wearing jeans, a black shirt, and work boots. Oropeza is armed with an AR-15 style rifle and is believed to have been intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Shell casings found in the front yard of Oropeza’s property indicate that he was known to shoot his weapon in that area. San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers stated that the suspect used a .223 rifle in the shooting but could not confirm how many times deputies had previously been called to the property.

At least ten people were in the home during the incident, with all victims aged between 8 and 40. Capers believes the victims lived together, with four to five of them having moved into the home from Houston within the last few days.

As the investigation continues, residents are being advised to stay inside and away from the crime scene. The victims, all from Honduras, were shot in the neck or head, described as “almost execution style” by Capers.

A Ring doorbell camera at the victims’ house captured footage of the shooter entering the home with a weapon. Police also found two additional weapons in the house following the shooting and are currently interviewing Oropeza’s wife.

Veronica Pineda, a nearby resident, told reporters that neighbors frequently shot firearms in the area on weekends and holidays, and that hearing gunshots at night was not unusual.

The brutal attack has left the community shaken and vigilant as authorities continue to search for the suspect.