Mid-air plane crash leaves no survivors

FRANKLIN, TN – In a tragic turn of events, a small aircraft crashed in Franklin, Tennessee, killing all three onboard, according to the local authorities. The explosion was heard around midday on Wednesday. It was reported by an area resident via a 911 call. The crash’s cause is yet to be ascertained and is crucial to the investigation.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) identified the wrecked aircraft as a Beech V35. Chief Deputy Mark Elrod communicated that it appears to have been a mid-air catastrophe with the plane disintegrating during the incident. However, the exact cause will be known only after a thorough investigation.

The scene was described as “tragic” by Elrod, who disclosed that the debris from the wreck was strewn over an extensive area, estimated to be about half a mile wide. The origin and termination point of the crash remain uncertain as of now.

The aftermath of this disaster has left traces on local properties, with pieces of debris reported by residents. A road nearby is expected to be temporarily off-limits on Thursday to facilitate the ongoing debris investigation. The flight originated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was en route to Louisville, Kentucky, when the tragedy struck.

The NTSB is earmarked to initiate the investigation on Thursday following their scheduled arrival located later on Wednesday.