Mom allegedly kills her estranged husband at local park

On Tuesday, a woman from Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, was arrested. She has been charged with her estranged husband’s murder at a local park.

The suspect, identified as 40-year-old Sammar Khan, is alleged to have shot her husband. The victim was identified as 39-year-old Faisal Iqbal. He was shot multiple times at Lions Park.

Khan reportedly disclosed to the authorities that she had arranged to meet Iqbal at the park to discuss their relationship, which took a turn for the worse.

Detective Bill Davis from Bristol Police revealed that one of the couple’s four children was at the scene during the incident. The child, along with their siblings, was placed under the care of Bucks County Children and Youth following the incident.

Court records indicate that witnesses present at the scene reported hearing the couple arguing loudly in a foreign language, situated near the water’s edge. The altercation was followed by a sudden “pop” sound, presumed to be gunfire, leading to a physical struggle between the two.

As per the probable cause affidavit, the couple then proceeded towards the park’s parking area. Iqbal was reportedly seen asking a bystander to call 911. Allegedly, Khan shot Iqbal twice, causing him to fall. She then proceeded to shoot him again in his torso and head.

Responding officers found Khan with blood-stained clothing upon their arrival. Khan was arrested and charged for her crimes related to the man’s death.

According to police, Khan had no previous criminal record. A 9mm Smith and Wesson firearm was recovered at the scene. A man who had been dating Khan for over a year was interviewed by police, during which he described her relationship with Iqbal as “tumultuous”.

This individual, who chose to remain anonymous, reportedly told the authorities that Khan called him just before the shooting. During the call, she began confessing to killing Iqbal and requested him to come to the park to retrieve her son.

Khan is currently detained without bail at the Bucks County Correctional Facility as of Tuesday.