Mom and 1-year-old son found dead in car

BEAUMONT, TX – A fatal incident unraveled in Texas when a woman and her 1-year-old son were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide, according to local authorities.

Briana Monroe, aged 26, and her young son, Giavon August, were discovered deceased in her car on Saturday. Beaumont Police Department confirmed the incident in a statement released on Monday, indicating the deaths were being treated as a murder-suicide.

According to the police statement, the child’s father reported both Monroe and August missing on Saturday afternoon after receiving a disturbing text message from her. Monroe had texted him intimating her intention to kill their son and herself. Despite attempts, the father and Monroe’s family were unable to establish contact with her.

In the midst of the police inquiry regarding Monroe’s whereabouts, her relatives found Monroe and August dead in a vehicle parked in a Beaumont park. Authorities at the scene noted that Monroe was in the driver’s seat, with August, who had recently celebrated his first birthday, in the backseat.

As per reports, both mother and son had suffered gunshot wounds. The family informed that Monroe was suffering from sickle cell disease, a debilitating condition that results in painful episodes and fatigue. Monroe’s family, however, did not identify this as a reason behind her drastic actions. They also revealed that Monroe had two other sons.

The reason behind this tragic incident remains unclear as investigations continue.