Mom charged with murdering her two young sons

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY – A double tragedy gripped Shepherdsville, Kentucky, on Wednesday morning, when a 32-year-old mother reportedly shot her two sons to death. According to authorities, Tiffanie Lucas has been taken into police custody on two counts of murder.

The victims, a pair of brothers aged 6 and 9, were immediately rushed to Louisville’s Norton Children’s Hospital once law enforcement responded to a call on Bentwood Drive around 11 a.m. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, both boys were not able to survive the ordeal.

On investigating the crime scene, the Bullitt County officers noted that the children were found in a bedroom, covered in blood, with a loaded firearm on the bed.

Lucas, currently held at the Bullitt County Detention Center, reportedly has a history of run-ins with the law, including a one-month jail stint due to drug possession.

The reasons behind such an appalling crime remain elusive. Col. Alex Payne, Chief Deputy with Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, contemplated, “Whether you think it’s mental illness, just pure evil, a combination of both, it could be substance abuse, any combination thereof… None of it’s good. The result is horrific.”

Details surrounding the incident were unraveled when a neighbor found Lucas situated outside the residence. The victims were later identified as half-brothers. The father of one of them was deceased, while the other was of unknown whereabouts. Other family members have been informed of the situation.

The neighborhood is left reeling from the shock and despair. Residents remember seeing the innocent victims waiting at a school bus stop, making the tragic event even more heart-wrenching. The arraignment of Tiffanie Lucas is scheduled for Thursday morning.