Mom seen pushing deceased 2-year-old son in stroller before his body was found in a dumpster

LAS VEGAS, NV – A 2-year-old boy was found deceased in a dumpster in Las Vegas, leading to the arrest of his parents. The mother of the child, Diaja Smith, 23, supposedly strolled the child’s lifeless body around with his siblings following his death.

The child, Jacoby Robinson Jr., is believed to have died on Thursday before being discarded in the dumpster by Smith. She has been detained on charges of open murder and child abuse that resulted in substantial bodily harm.

Jacoby’s father, Jacoby Robinson Sr., 24, initially faced child abuse charges which have now been upgraded to include open murder. Smith had regained custody of her children in May after losing them two years prior. Contrary to her statements to police about not seeing Robinson Sr. in over a year and a half, Robinson stated that Smith permitted him access to her apartment despite his homeless status.

Incidentally, footage from around Smith’s apartments displayed Smith with two children, one of them being Jacoby, in a stroller. He did not seem to be moving in the footage, leading the police to suspect his deceased status.

As per the police, the contents of the footage hint at Smith’s intentions of incinerating her son’s body. The case remains under investigation as both Smith and Robinson are being held without bail.