Murder-suicide on Halloween leaves woman dead, another woman stabbed

KATY, TX – A horrifying incident unfolded on Halloween night as authorities are now probing an apparent murder-suicide in Katy. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation, revealing that the tragic event occurred in the 3150 block of Upland Spring Trace around 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

The grim discovery was made when deputies arrived at the scene and found the lifeless body of a 35-year-old woman outside the residence. She had been shot to death and was lying on the driveway of the home. According to HCSO Sgt. Pinkins, the woman had just returned home from work when she was allegedly murdered. The assailant, believed to be her husband, then forced his way into the house, where he reportedly stabbed a 25-year-old female. As of now, the nature of the relationship between the couple and the injured woman remains unclear.

Fortunately, the woman who suffered the stabbing was swiftly transported to the hospital and has since been released. Moreover, investigators believe that three children were present inside the residence at the time of the fatal shooting, though it remains uncertain if they are connected to the deceased woman.

Following the harrowing events, the estranged husband reportedly fled from the scene of the murder. Later on, he was discovered about half a mile from the home. He was deceased, having inflicted a gunshot wound to his own head.