Murderer Confesses Crime to Neighbor, Saying ‘I Shot Her’

A 38-year-old Arizona man, Mohammad Alkurdi, is facing a first-degree murder charge following accusations that he fatally shot his wife in their Chandler apartment while their four children were present. Alkurdi later allegedly admitted to the crime.

The tragic incident occurred on March 14, when Alkurdi reportedly shot his wife and hid her body in a main bedroom closet.

The Chandler Police Department received a report of the shooting around 11:20 a.m. and promptly dispatched officers to the scene.

Upon arrival, police found Alkurdi and the couple’s four children, all under the age of nine. Officers discovered the children’s mother inside the apartment, deceased from an apparent gunshot wound. Lifesaving measures were attempted but proved unsuccessful.

The identify of the victim hasn’t been released because authorities are still in the process of notifying family members.

According to the arrest report, Alkurdi had an unusual interaction with a neighbor before police arrived. As he was leaving the apartment and heading towards the complex office, Alkurdi allegedly told the neighbor about the incident. He confessed, “I shot her.”

One of the couple’s children also informed the neighbor about the shooting, prompting the neighbor to call 911.

When officers reached the complex, they found Alkurdi still armed. The arrest report suggests that at least two shots were fired during the incident while the children were in the home.

Investigators believe that Alkurdi purchased a gun on March 12 and bought bullets on the morning of the shooting, shortly before the tragic event unfolded.

Court documents reveal a history of domestic violence involving Alkurdi, including a prior incident in which he allegedly threatened his wife with a knife.

Following the shooting, Alkurdi was arrested and booked on a first-degree murder charge. Police have indicated that child endangerment charges may also be filed.