Naked man arrested after stealing school bus and leading police on wild chase

A bizarre series of events unfolded in Pennsylvania when a naked man, later identified as 25-year-old Tony Jay Saunders, was arrested after leading police on a foot chase following his attempt to steal a school bus with a dead deer inside.

According to the Carroll Township Police Department, Saunders was charged with reckless driving, eluding an officer, receiving stolen property, and resisting arrest.

The police were initially alerted at 7:10 a.m. that a bus, stolen from Abbotstown, Pennsylvania, had been spotted in Dillsburg, approximately 17 miles to the north. The bus was observed driving through a Giant Foods and Rite Aid parking lot, with its lights turning on and off intermittently.

As officers caught up with the bus, they verified it had the same number and branding as the stolen one. Although the driver initially pulled over for a traffic stop, the bus quickly pulled away and continued driving north on Route 15, swerving between traffic lanes.

The bus eventually exited the highway, drove over a berm, and nearly overturned before coming to a stop in a nearby neighborhood. The driver then fled on foot through a wooded area. Police later encountered the suspect near a section of railroad tracks, which led to a dangerous foot chase.

During the pursuit, Saunders stripped off his clothing and was eventually apprehended in the nude. After his arrest, he confessed to stealing the bus earlier that day following a BMW crash.

Saunders also informed officers that he had a deer carcass in the back of the bus, intending to use it as fertilizer for his home garden.

Saunders’ home address is listed in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and it is currently unclear whether he has retained legal representation.